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Cloud web design workflow

Transparency as a top priority

Step 1: Project brief

Quality standards are set from the early beginning. By using our request tool, all the details of your design briefing will be covered. Preparation is everything.

Step 2: Define a scope

After submission, your personal project manager will schedule a short online intake. By discussing the nitty gritty details, he will gather more information to define the exact project scope.

Step 3: First Phase

In this phase, your web design freelancer will be focussing on project and design setup. The main layout will be crafted to visualise the homepage.

Step 4: Fast Preview

We will ask your first feedback, to make sure everything is in line with the design you had in mind. If needed we give you the time to cross check with your client.

Step 5: Second Phase

After approval, your web developer continues building content pages, developing custom functionalities and setting-up databases and integrations.

Step 6: Quality Check

Before asking and implementing final feedback, we secure a standard quality check to make everything pixel perfect. We check responsiveness, browser compatibility, pagespeed, ...

Step 7: Go Live

Every project is built in your personal cloud web design studio. That means, you can decide when you want to Go-Live. As a bonus, maintenance, updates and patches are automated. Goodbye hidden costs!

The workflow is very clear and transparent. Knowing what happens next, brings us peace of mind, and saves us a lot of time.